The Worldview Of ‘The Jungle Book’

Following is a fair and honest exploration of the world view presented in the new movie “The Jungle Book” by author and professor Sean McDowell, Ph.D. Be warned, it contains spoilers. “My entire family went to see The Jungle Book this past weekend. From my 3 ½-year old son, to my mother-in-law, we all thoroughly enjoyed it. Disney is to be commended for making an engaging, creative, and faithful “live” version of this classic story. Like all fictional movies, The Jungle Book offers a story, which has worldview implications. Two questions lie at the heart of the movie: What does … Continue reading The Worldview Of ‘The Jungle Book’

New Mary Poppins Movie

Disney has just announced that they are developing a “new original live-action musical film” about everyone’s favorite magical nanny, Mary Poppins. I’m relieved to tell you that the new movie will not be a remake of the original. That movie, from 1964, is one of the greatest movies of all time and it would be very difficult to make a new version that could even come close to the brilliance of the original. Disney must have thought the same thing because, according to Entertainment Weekly, “The new Poppins film will take place in Depression-era London, some 20 years after Disney’s classic … Continue reading New Mary Poppins Movie