Glazed Man & Rat Girl WEBCOMIC is a Hit!

My new Webcomic, Glazed Man & Rat Girl has been in existence for only 9 months and its already building a huge following on Instagram. The input I’m receiving from fans is that they love it for four big reasons.

1. IT’S FUNNY. More and more people are looking for something light-hearted to laugh at these days when so much of our world feels sad and depressing. The webcomic, like the classic comics that I grew up on, can always be counted on to be positive and leave its readers smiling.

2. IT’S CLEAN. There are lots of new comics finding their audience on Instagram. As I search the platform looking to see what my competition I’m constantly amazed at how little clean, family-friendly content there is in the new world of comic strips. Most of what’s out there seems to be aimed at adults. Sex and violence are common themes, plus there seems to be an obsession with pointing out how difficult life is. Many comic strips are about situations in life that we all find ourselves in that are awkward, or downright sad. Sure, many of these comics are humorous, but they aren’t appropriate for everyone. Glazed Man & Rat Girl is appropriate for all ages. Not only is it devoid of sex, violence, and bad language, but its humor is meant for all ages. As I write it, I’m not trying to dumb it down for kids. I’m simply going for laughs. I don’t give a whole lot of thought to kids or adults. I try to make it funny to anyone who will take the time to read it. From the input I’ve gotten from fans, my approach to humor is working.

3. Fans like the fact that IT’S A CONTINUING STORY. By keeping the story going from one episode to the next, I’m able to spend more time on character development. I’m also able to add many more plot twists to keep the webcomic exciting.

4. Fans love that the story is a SATIRE of superhero movies and/or comic books.

To follow the story, go to Instagram and search on “glazedmanandratgirl”. Don’t worry if you’re coming into the middle of the story. You’ll easily catch on to what’s going on. If you feel so inclined, there is nothing stopping you from scrolling down my feed to find the first episode and then catching up from there. I hope you will check it out.

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