Paranormia – Book Review

Book Review - Paranormia by Paul RegnierParanormia, by Paul Regnier, is a supernatural thriller with a sense of humor. Average guy, Chris, whose life has been uneventful and depressing as the story begins, stumbles into a showdown between heaven and hell. In one strange evening, he gets involved with an eccentric angel and a sexy demon. The angel tells Chris he has an important mission for him to complete, but Chris wants nothing to do with the man who doesn’t look or act like any preconceived notion he had of angels. The demon, on the other hand, is every single guy’s dream. Solas is her name and she’s beautiful and rich and she offers him a job that involves driving around town in fancy sports cars while making deliveries. Chris thinks he has it made until he realizes that his new life with Solas is directly opposed to everything good in his old life, including his relationship with a pure-hearted girl named Amber who is truly the girl of his dreams.

Paranormia deals with some serious topics involving demons that manipulate humans to do lots of evil deeds, but the story never gets too heavy thanks to author, Paul Regnier’s clever style of storytelling. We see it all through the eyes of the protagonist, Chris, who describes everything with the dry wit of a late-night comic. Even when the story turned dark, I couldn’t help but laugh at the humorous comparisons the author uses to portray Chris’s feelings toward certain characters or events. I’ve read two of Paul Regnier’s previous Space Drifter novels which are also well-written and funny, but it’s my opinion that his comedic tone works even better here in this story that’s more down-to-earth.

The story also works excellently as a supernatural thriller. It has enough strange and creepy happenings going on to keep readers on the edge of their seats. It moves at a fast pace while giving us interesting and strong characters. I highly recommend Paranormia.

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