Glazed Man 2 gets Rave Review

My second book, Glazed Man & Rat Girl 2, has just received its first review. I’m proud to say it’s a 5-star review from an unbiased reviewer from Readers Favorite. Read the full review below.


Reviewed By Patricia Bell for Readers’ Favorite

In this episode of Glazed Man and Rat Girl by Scott Cahan, Johnny Crumb battles the evil villain Plastic Head, formerly known as Steve-O Hardly. Meanwhile, Martha Maybe helps her rat friends find special rocks on Mars that give rats intelligence. Johnny isn’t doing very well battling the evil villain because Plastic Head’s special power just happens to be turning things into plastic. Go figure. So, with Plastic Head on a mission to turn everything sweet in Megalopolis into plastic, how will Glazed Man be able to defeat him with no sweets to jump start his super glaze power? Never fear, Mom has a fruit cake up her sleeve. And how is Martha Maybe AKA Rat Girl doing with the nefarious rats who plan to take over the world? I am glad you asked. While gathering the special rocks from Mars, a rock monster is awakened and jumps on their spaceship. Now he’s in Megalopolis, and he’s not happy.

This is the second book in the Glazed Man and Rat Girl series by Scott Cahan. After laughing my way through the first book, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the second. And this one did not disappoint. This middle-grade super-hero book is wholesome and clean. The illustrations, once again, are excellent and play a vital role in the story line. Scott even sneaks in the plan of salvation when Martha Maybe believes no one cares for her. I am truly impressed with this series. It contains just enough action and fun to keep the reader on their toes, yet for a super-hero book, the violence is minimal. And I loved the ending! Why, you ask? Well, you will have to read it for yourself to find out. Meanwhile, I am eagerly awaiting another fantastic episode of Glazed Man and Rat Girl.

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