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alliance awardRealm Makers, an organization devoted to promoting and encouraging speculative fiction by Christian authors, is in the voting process for it’s annual Alliance Award. These are reader nominated books in the categories of Science Fiction, Fantasy or Horror, written by Christian authors. The 17 semi-finalists are listed below. To participate in the voting, all you have to do is read at least two of the books from the list and then give each of them a star rating on the realm makers website. Go to the Alliance Award page to vote.

If you’re like me, you’ll have to purchase and read at least one book in order to be eligible to vote. For anyone who needs a suggestion on which book to read, I highly recommend Driven to the Hilt by D.G. Lamb. I reviewed it last year for and it has become one of my favorite books of all time. No exaggeration. So, I’m not telling you which book to give the highest rating. I’m only saying, Driven to the Hilt is a great book that you will enjoy reading.

Voting begins May 7th and the winners are announced at the Realm Makers annual conference that begins July 19th, 2018. There doesn’t seem to be a final date for voting announced yet, but you can be sure it will be before July 19th.

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Semi-Finalists for the 2018 Alliance Award

ARBITER – Jamie Foley
ASRIAN SKIES – Anne Wheeler
BATTLEBORN – Joshua C. Chadd
THE BEAST OF TALESEND – Kyle Robert Shultz
BREAKWATER – Catherine Jones Payne
DELIVER – Tricia Mingerink
ENDING FEAR – Deanna Fugett
EXILES – Jaye L. Knight
HALAYDA – Sarah Delena White
THE GENESIS TREE – Heather L. L. Fitzgerald
KEEPER OF SHADOWS – Bridgett Powers
KING’S BLOOD – Jill Williamson
LAWLESS – Janeen Ippolito
WARFARE – Julie Hall
THE WATER CAVE – Rachel Lopez
As far as I know, all of the books on this list are available at

2 thoughts on “Vote For Your Favorite Book

  1. Just saw this Scott – THANK YOU!!! – The book didn’t advance but I think it got some new readers thanks to you! Appreciate your support SO much!

  2. I certainly concur with your recommendation on Driven to the Hilt, and I DID vote for it in this competition. I find the series completely absorbing.

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