Forest Beyond the Earth – Book Review

forest beyond the earthForest Beyond the Earth, by Matthew S. Cox is a fascinating tale of one girl’s incredible journey when her whole world is suddenly taken from her. Its set in the future, a hundred years or so after the inhabitants of earth have just about wiped themselves out. Wisp is a twelve-year old girl who was raised by her loving father, alone in a cabin, isolated in the woods. He is the only person she has ever known for her entire life and one night he is suddenly gone. From there we follow Wisp as she ventures out into a world that she knows almost nothing about. It’s a world gone mad in many ways, but she will not be intimidated. Wisp’s pure heart drives her onward to find her father regardless of the cost.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that by about the second chapter of Forest Beyond the Earth, I was hooked. Author, Matthew S. Cox does such a fine job of telling the story through the point of view of his main character that I felt delightfully immersed in her world all the way until the satrisfying conclusion. Her passion for those that she loved, her determination, and all her odd ways of looking at the world seemed completely real. I should also point out that the plot kept me guessing from start to finish and never became predictable. This is a well told, thought provoking story, from an author who knows how to bring his reader into the head of his characters. Forest Beyond the Earth is truly a great book.

There are a few violent scenes in the book, but they are never described in any real detail. Other than that, there are no other content concerns.

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