Space Drifters – Book Review

The Emerald Enigma by Paul Regnier is the first story in the Space Drifter seriesspace drifters and is a rare blend of outer space heroics and slapstick comedy. An odd but fun assortment of characters make up the crew of the star ship that serves as the main setting of the story. Captain Glint is the wise-cracking hero who is obsessed with obtaining the Emerald Enigma. His first officer is a reptilian alien creature named Blix, who serves Glint well with his superior intelligence and strength. He’s also the perfect straight man for Captain Glint’s jokes. A beautiful warrior/princess named Jassette and a time-traveling boy named Nelvan complete the crew. The four of them end up sparring with a power-hungry rival of Glint’s who also wants to possess the Emerald Enigma. Captain Glint and his crew end up in several life threatening situations at the hands of a variety of space creatures. Somehow, author Paul Regnier manages to resolve every situation with an equal dose of humor and sci-fi action. I’ve never encountered a book such as this one that keeps readers on the edge of their seats in suspense while also keeping them laughing every step of the way.

For the first couple of chapters of Space Drifters: The Emerald Enigma, I was a little unsure about the tone of the book, what with the one-liners thrown in the mix with death threats from alien enemies. However, I’m glad to say it didn’t take long to get used to Mr. Regnier’s unique style of storytelling. His humor is clever and blends perfectly with the action. At the same time, Space Drifters is an exciting tale with enough twists and turns that kept me hanging on to see what would happen next. The humor and the action are woven together perfectly to make a really fun read. I also appreciated the fact that there were zero content concerns that would keep me from handing this book to one of my young teenagers. To have a space adventure of this quality, that is fit for readers of all ages, is a huge triumph. The Emerald Enigma is a great opening to a fun series. I can’t wait to see what kind of hilarious adventures await Captain Glint and his crew in the next Space Drifters novel.


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