Fan Mail for Glazed Man & Rat Girl

Exif_JPEG_PICTUREI’m happy to share a note I received a few days ago from a new Glazed Man & Rat Girl fan, and her Mom. Notes like these are what keep me writing and drawing.

Here is the note:
 . . . We got our daughter Ella your book for Christmas and she loved it! She wants the next copy! Here is a note from her::

I love your book! In the future I hope you make even more books. They were really funny! I liked how you put God into it. Do you like doughnuts? – Ella (11yrs old)

One thought on “Fan Mail for Glazed Man & Rat Girl

  1. Scott, thank you for sharing this adorable note with us Yes, keep on writing and looking for the right publisher. Be sure to include this note with whatever you send to prospective publishers.

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