HOW TO DAD – Funny & True

I know it’s only a Cheerios commercial, but I love this video. Not because it’s clever and funny, although it definitely is that. I love it mostly because it portrays Dads in a positive light. It shows them as smart and cool and as an important part of the family. I get so tired of all the negative portrayals of Dads and husbands in the media. It’s not a knock against women to show men in a good light. By now, we all know women are smart and caring and sensitive and the heart of every family. What’s wrong with showing the good side of men too? This video is a good start. Watch it and have fun with it. I promise you’ll think it’s funny and worth your while, especially if you are a Dad, or if you grew up with a Dad, or if you are married to the Dad of your children.

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