PRINCE, no more Profanity

prince no more profanityPrince is no longer using profanity in his music. In the June edition of Essence magazine he said, “Did you ever hear Muhammad Ali curse? Would you curse in front of your kids? To your mother? Marsha (Ambrosius), Lianne (La Havas), Janelle (Monae), they’re all my sisters. We shouldn’t curse at them. We need to treat all of them, and all people, like royalty.

This is a step in the right direction for an artist who is famous for songs like “Erotic City”, “Darling Nicki” and “P____ Control”. I doubt very seriously that his new album “The Breakdown” can be called “clean” by any stretch of the imagination, so this is not an endorsement of his music. But, I like to applaud any actor or musician who does anything to be a positive role model for young impressionable fans. In this case, most of Prince’s fans are probably 35 and older since his heyday was in the 80’s. But even us older fans who were too easily influenced by the mega-stars of our youth need to know when these same stars begin to grow up and regret some of the things they did in the past. As a musician and a star blushowman, Prince is one of the greats of all time. I’m just hoping Prince continues to move in the right direction and cleans is act up enough so that some day, I can endorse his music 100% and encourage everyone to discover his music.

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