The Incredibles 2 – In The Works

The Incredibles 2Disney has just announced that sequels are in development for a couple of classic Pixar movies, according to an article on the online news source “The Independent” . I’m very excited about one of the sequels, the other one, ho-hum.

The Incredibles 2 is currently being written by Brad Bird, director of the first Incredibles movie. That’s the one I’m stoked about because I count The Incredibles as, not only my favorite Pixar film, but possibly my favorite of all time. According to the article, Bird has always downplayed the possibility of a sequel for The Incredibles, but he told The Independent, “If I can come up with a story that is as good or better than that first film, then I’d love to return to that world, but it would have to be story first.” The article goes on to say “It appears he has found inspiration to continue the story about a family of retired superheroes, who are forced to conceal their powers and lead a normal life.” Read the full article here.

In my opinion, The Incredibles is a story that is rich with possibilities with such a fun and well-rounded cast of characters. I can’t wait to find out what happens as the family grows into their powers. New family issues to deal with as they confront new villains. How could they miss with this one?Cars

So, what’s the ho-hum news from Disney Pixar? Cars 3 is in the works. I’ll be impressed if they can return to the originality of the the first one, but they need to avoid the pitfalls of Cars 2. I still have faith in the Pixar folks. Surely they have learned from the mistake that was Cars 2. We can only hope for the best.

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