Warehouse 51 – A Fantastic Read on Kindle Vella

Being a Kindle Vella author myself, I decided to test the platform out to see what its like to read a book on the Kindle Vella website. I did the typical Vella reader thing and scrolled through the endless titles that range the spectrum of fiction reading. Everything from Romance to Horror, from Kings and Queens to Space Pirates to flesh eating zombies is available on Vella to be read one short episode at a time. Being the picky reader that I am, I tried out at least ten stories before I found one that grabbed my attention and brought me true reader’s joy. That Kindle Vella story is named Warehouse 51, which I’ll give a full description of in the paragraph below. First, let me back up and point out one of the things I discovered that I truly love about Kindle Vella. It’s the fact that you can read the first 3 episodes of any book for free without a commitment. The site asks for a small payment when you open episode #4. The ability to read the first 3 for free is a game changer for me because it keeps me from wasting money on a book that I’m not enjoying. Any author can make their first chapter exciting enough to hook the reader, but I’ve found that many books fizzle out as soon as the narrative settles down into its natural rhythm. The ability to read the first 3 chapters for free is instrumental in weeding out those kind of deceptive duds.

That brings me to the Kindle Vella story that had an incredible opening chapter and continues the excitement and quality writing through every chapter that follows. The story is Warehouse 51 by Sarah E. Ott. As of this writing, there are 18 episodes (chapters) available on Kindle Vella. So, I’m not able to give a full review with reflections on the entire story arc. However, I can say with complete honesty that I’ve enjoyed every episode so far and I’m waiting with anxious anticipation to see what happens next.

Warehouse 51 is about a secluded warehouse with only a few employees where secretive scientific experiments are being performed. The main character, Troy Porter, is the receptionist who sits in the front lobby and isn’t allowed to go into the main part of the warehouse. He has no idea what the scientists are working on and as the story begins, he doesn’t really care what they’re doing. But, then, something strange happens and Troy is forced to see what’s going on. I won’t give too much away, but what he finds involves the bending of time. Before long, Troy and the scientists find themselves in a situation that is both dangerous and fragile. The story is humorous, smart, and highly imaginative.

To view Warehouse 51 on Kindle Vella, go HERE. I hope you’ll check it out.

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