My New Book is on Kindle Vella!

Big news! My new book, Grunts is now on Kindle Vella. What is Grunts and what is Vella? Answers are below.

The New Book

The name of my new book is Grunts. In the past I had it titled as Caged Animals and its sequel, Escaped Animals. All along I’ve wanted to combine my two books into one since that’s how they were written. Now, as a Vella, or serial novel, my story can be told the way it was meant to be, as one complete story. See below for a description of Grunts.

The New Platform

Kindle Vella is a brand new reading platform created by Amazon. Simply put, Vella offers books to readers in a serial format. Stories are read as shorter segments, one at a time. Each chapter will be really cheap. No more buying a whole book up front. With Vella you pay for each short chunk and stay with the story as long as you are enjoying it. The first 3 chapters or episodes as they call them will be free. So, there is no harm in trying a book out before you start paying the small amount to continue. The serial format has already proven to be hugely successful on other websites like Wattpad, Serial Box, and Radish. Kindle Vella is Amazon’s attempt to grab a piece of the pie. They already have the infrastructure to make it work with their Kindle ebook store, app, and devices. One reason I wanted to be a part of Kindle Vella is because I believe in Amazon’s muscle and ability to make a new thing successful.

I Need Your Help

Please consider helping me out by CLICKING HERE and choosing my book, Grunts to read as a Kindle Vella. As I’ve already stated, the first 3 episodes are free. All you will need to do is setup an account with Vella and then make sure you have the Kindle app downloaded on one of your devices.

Reading the first 3 episodes will give you a good taste of what my book is about. You’ll have no obligation to continue if you think the story isn’t for you. I’ll never know you tried it out and decided against it, so it won’t hurt my feelings and you won’t be stuck reading a book you don’t like. However, you might also like what you read and want to go on. Either way, when you read those first 3 episodes it will give me a big boost in Amazon’s rankings. In other words, even if you don’t end up reading my story past the free trial, you’ll still help me move up on Amazon. If Amazon moves me up in their rankings that will mean more free promotions will come my way via Amazon.

What is Grunts about?

Grunts is a science fiction, young adult novel. Here is my short description:

A bus full of high school students is kidnapped by aliens and taken away to a hostile planet. The teenagers are then forced to act as pets for a heartless race of alien beasts. With little hope of rescue, the teens turn against each other and the group divides. Mark Garner, a misfit at school and reluctant Christian, must convince the more popular teens that all hope is not lost. Against impossible odds, the teens must come together, fight for their lives, and find a way back to Earth.

One thought on “My New Book is on Kindle Vella!

  1. Hey Scott, This is Terry Phillips-Jemmott. We were in the Singles of First Baptist of Jax together. Just saw the Left Behind movie with Nicolas Cage and the final song is one that you used in the video you made way back when. Made me think of you. Want to look you up. I hope life is treating you well. God Bless!

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