Get My New Short Story for Free!

Scott Cahan, authorI’ve just launched my Newsletter and I’m looking for fans of my writing, illustrating, and book reviews to sign up to receive it once a month.

My way of saying, “thank you” to everyone who signs up is to give them a copy of my brand new short story, Into the Real World. It’s a story about characters who live in a world that has been stuck in a COVID-19 type of crisis for 20 or 30 years. What would our world be like if that were the case? Read my new story and find out.

What can you expect in my newsletter? I’m glad you asked.  Every month you’ll get updates about my writing journey, book recommendations, science article of the month, funny comics, and more.

To sign up for my monthly newsletter and receive your free copy of my new short story, click here … SIGN ME UP!

Thanks in advance for signing up. My intention is to keep the newsletter fun and interesting. I also promise not to spam your email box.

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