Glazed Man Voted #1

Glazed Man & Rat Girl were voted number one one the Hilarious Kids Book listGlazed Man & Rat Girl is riding high at the top of the list, HILARIOUS KID’S BOOKS on Goodreads. This is a monumentous achievement for the not-so-bright but good hearted Glazed Man and his slightly crazy but fearless friend Rat Girl.

Full disclosure, they won the number one spot with only four votes, but hey, that’s two better than the second place book. OK, so it’s not one of the more popular lists on Goodreads, that’s beside the point. The point is that they are number one and we’re going to celebrate as long as they are on top. Speaking of that, if any of my blog readers are Goodreads members, please look up the HILARIOUS KID’S BOOKS list and vote for my Glazed Man & Rat Girl book. I’d like to build my lead as much as possible so my two hero friends can keep their title for a long long time. Thank you in advance for all of you who will be casting your vote soon.

To prove that I’m not making this up and also so you all can vote, here is a link to the HILARIOUS KID’S BOOKS list page

The heroes themselves are ecstatic at the news that they’ve made the top of the list. I asked Glazed Man if he has any comments about his new achievement and he said, “We won an award? That’s great. Hey, are those donuts over there? Excuse me, but I need to investigate to make sure they’re the real thing.” Then I caught up with Rat Girl to get her comment and she said, “I hope I win a trophy. Trophies make great weapons to throw at bad guys.”

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