Arestana, The Key Quest – Book Review

Book one in the Arestana series by Shawn RobinsonMy Review

Arestana: The Key Quest, by Shawn Robinson is a humorous and imaginative adventure for young readers. The story follows Liam, a boy who is magically flushed into another land that is similar to Earth but much sillier. Liam soon meets up with a group of odd but friendly Arestanians who team up with him as he seeks his way back home. Before he can go home he’s sent on a dangerous quest. If he and his friends can complete their quest without getting killed by dragons or booger bullies or fluffy kittens, then the Kingdom of Arestana will be saved and Liam will be allowed to go home.

Author Shawn Robinson has a natural knack for weaving an exciting adventure that contains just enough danger around every turn but never becomes violent. He uses humor to take the bite out of every perilous scene and leaves his readers laughing and cheering rather than cringing in horror. It’s seldom that I find a book that can make me laugh, but this one had me laughing out loud many times throughout. Arestana: The Key Quest is perfect for parents to read to their children at bedtime. Not only will the kids have a good time listening, but parents will get plenty of good laughs while they read. I can also see this as a great book for young readers to read on their own. The storytelling is well done with plenty of suspense and drama to go along with the humor. I’ll be looking forward to reading more of Liam’s adventures in the strange land of Arestana.

About Shawn Robinson

I’ve been fortunate enough to get to know Shawn Robinson a little by writing emails back and forth with him. As far as I can tell he’s a great guy with a big heart and real talent for writing kids books. He also has quite an interesting personal story. He was diagnosed with Encephalitis two years ago. Having that condition forced Shawn to quit his job as a Pastor and stay home to rest Shawn Robinson, author of the Arestana series of books for kidsand heal. The doctors encouraged him to write to help his brain to recover and that’s what he’s been doing ever since. I hope you’ll check out his website HERE where you can read the full story. Find out more about his books HERE. The Arestana book that I’ve reviewed above is only the beginning of all the quality children’s books that he’s produced in the past two years. Here is a complete list of Shawn’s books:

Arestana: The Key Quest

Arestana: The Defense Quest

Arestana: The Harry Quest

Jerry the Squirrel, Volume 1

Jerry the Squirrel, Volume 2


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