Movies About Thankfullness

This is my list of  great movies that teach thankfulness. Only a few of them include the Thanksgiving holiday, but they all have being thankful as part of they’re core message.  Also, you should know that these are all personal favorites of mine. I’ve watched each of these movies more than once, over the years, with my hollands opus

6. MR HOLLAND’S OPUS – be thankful for your life – This is a wonderful movie about a high school band teacher whose personal life and professional life includes many ups and downs. As he approaches retirement, he’s feeling as if his life has been a complete waste. But, then something happens at the end that shows how all of the events were actually part of the magnificent masterpiece that is his life. 

5. FIREPROOF – be thankful for your spouse – My family loves all of the Kendrick Brothers movies, but this one has probably been played the most in my house. It’s about a couple who are fireproofon the brink of divorce. The husband is challenged by his Christian father to do something romantic for his wife, 30 days in a row. He reluctantly agrees and as the movie progresses, their marriage is slowly but surely resurrected. This is a great movie for couples to watch together. It teaches us to stop taking each other for granted, but be thankful instead.

4. REMEMBER THE TITANS – be thankful for your teammates – This is my favorite sports movie of all time. At first, the team is divided, whites against the blacks. They continue on a remember the titanslosing streak until something happens that forces the team leaders (a white kid and a black kid) to work together. Soon, they’re best friends and the team follows their lead. By the final third of the movie, the team is playing together in unison as one cohesive force, making the Titans unstoppable. 

home alone3. Home Alone – be thankful for your family – At the beginning, little Kevin is angry at his family and wishes they would all go away. Through incredible circumstances, he gets his wish. The adventure that follows is funny and sentimental. As Kevin defends his home from burglars he
comes to the conclusion that he misses his family greatly. By the final scene, where he is re-united with his loud and obnoxious family, we viewers all have that warm fuzzy feeling that says, “What would I do without my family.”

2. A CHRISTMAS CAROL (2009) – Be thankful for the people in your life – I know, this is usuallythe christmas carol considered a Christmas movie, but you have to admit, this is one of the most imaginative stories on being thankful ever written. There are many great adaptation of this classic Charles Dickens tale, but my favorite is the 2009 version with Jim Carrey. Scrooge has made a living out of hating people and taking advantage of everyone, including his family. After visits from several ghosts that show him the effects his selfish life is having on others and on himself, Scrooge has a major change of heart. Finally, he sees that his family and friends are something to be treasured and honored.

planes trains and automobile1.. PLANES, TRAINS AND AUTOMOBILES – be thankful for your blessings – Not only is this one of the funniest and most cleverly written movies of all time, it’s also a true Thanksgiving movie. The plot revolves around Steve Martin’s character, Neil, who is trying to get home to be with his family for Thanksgiving. On his wild journey that includes planes, trains, cars, buses, and more, he
ends up traveling with Dell, played brilliantly by John Candy. Neil and Dell are complete opposites, and their interactions with each other provide the humor and heart of the movie. By the end, Neil learns what it really means to be thankful for all that he has been blessed to have. Parents Warning: Bad Language


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