Controversial Emmy Nominations

Emmy awardI award the Emmy Awards a big SPLAT splat redfor honoring television’s most controversial shows with the most Emmy 2015 nominations. HBO’s Game of Thrones (heavy nudity, violence, and very bad depiction of women) received 24 nominations. FX’s American Horror Story (violence and gore) was next with 19. Amazon’s Transparent (about a transgender father) received 11. AMC’s Mad Men (sexuality, foul language, drugs and alcohol) also received 11. And, Inside Amy Schumer (R-Rated humor) received 7 nominations.

Game of Thrones has even come under heavy criticism lately for recent episodes that bring their treatment of women to new lows. One episode contains a brutal rape of a woman named Sansa, one of its main characters. The other shows another character, Queen Cersei being forced to walk through her town naked, as a way of shaming her. Rather than apologizing to fans for these story lines, the producers of Game of Thrones submitted these two very controversial episodes for Emmy consideration. As a result, Game of Thrones became the top nomination getter. Here’s another SPLAT for the producers of Game of

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One thought on “Controversial Emmy Nominations

  1. I’d only argue with you about Transparent, which is an important and timely topic. And I don’t mean important just because Caitlin Jenner has been in the headlines. Transgender people are real and human, and their issues deserve consideration from the rest of us.

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