Is the Bible Reliable?

true u bible reliableI just finished going through this video series with our youth at my church. It’s part 2 of the True U series, produced by Focus on the Family. I highly recommend it for all youth 8th through 12th grade. It’s meant to prepare students for the attacks on their faith that will surely come as soon as they enter college. This particular series gives real evidence for the authenticity of the Bible. For instance, a common criticism is that most of the Bible was written hundreds if not thousands of years after it really happened. Therefore it can’t possibly be accurate, according to the skeptics. In this video series, Doctor Stephen Meyer of the Discovery Institute shows a group of college students many archaeological and historic discoveries that make it hard to deny that the scriptures were written very close to the events they claim to record. Doctor Meyer is very personable and easy to follow as he teaches college level material. I would love to see every high school boy and girl taught this stuff whether it’s at home with their parents or in a church setting. Next we’re moving on to part 3 of the series, “Who Is Jesus.” I’ll be posting on that one in a few months.

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