Jase Robertson, The Reality

Jase Robertson of Duck Dynasty is the real thing. That’s what I thought afterjase hearing him speak, live, at a recent Christian men’s conference that I attended in Lynchburg, VA. Going into this event I had only a passing knowledge of the show, mostly from articles that I had read or highlight clips and promos on the internet. I’ve never even seen a full show of Duck Dynasty so I wasn’t real sure what to expect when Jase Robertson walked out on stage. At best, I thought he would be good for a few laughs and provide a fun transition between the serious speakers on the evening’s agenda. I was pleasantly surprised, however, to find that Jase Robertson has alot more to offer than a few back-woods zingers. Sure, he was funny. We laughed so hard, I had tears in my eyes. What I didn’t expect was how well this man knows the scriptures and can actually preach. But, preaching alone is not what I liked about Jase. It was the way he preached, using his relatable down-to-earth style. He spoke to the audience of 10,000 men as if we were all his best friends, sitting around a picnic table eating bar-b-cue ribs and hushpuppies together. We laughed, we cheered, we shouted “amen brother”, we even teared up a few times as he shared his heart.

In light of the recent article in GQ magazine that printed a quote from his Dad out of context, making Phil Robertson look like an unloving, bigoted, and irrational person, Jase spent most of his talk telling us about the Christian values of his family. He painted a picture of a very loving family that has gone out of its way to love each other and everyone around them. He shared his childhood memories of his Dad before coming to Christ, which were not pleasant memories. He also shared about his Dad’s complete transformation after giving his heart to Jesus, and the positive effects his Dad’s salvation had on him and everyone else in the family from then on. Jase shared how his Mom and Dad’s efforts to teach him biblical values at an early age had helped him to become the man he is today. And yes, he and his wife did not sleep together before they were married. He related how reporters continue to push him on that issue as if they don’t believe him. Jase told us he didn’t care if they believed him. He and his wife know the truth and so does God.duck-Dynasty

There was nothing artificial about Jase Robertson as he told us about the Robertson family values through hilarious stories that would make great scenes for their show if only they didn’t contain so much quoted scripture and biblical values in action . The Robertson family make no claim to be perfect but do claim to be followers of Jesus Christ. As I listened to his stories, illustrating the kind of people they are, I couldn’t help but think, this is real Christianity. Imperfect people who have been made perfect through Jesus Christ, walking out their faith, imperfectly, in a crazy imperfect world.

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