Harry Potter

The following review was written by my daughter, Chloe, age 11.

chloe age 11

One of my favorite book series is Harry Potter.  It’s clever, original, and extremely well written. harry potterI’ve read most of the books twice! There’s adventure, humor, and just a little bit of romance in the last two books. I almost cried when I watched the last movie because it was it was like the end of my Hogwarts experience. I would say that Harry Potter is for ages 10 and up. However good you think this series is going to be, I can promise you, it’s better than that. JK Rowling is a REALLY good author! 🙂

There are bad things about Harry Potter though.  Biggest thing – the witchcraft and wizardry. This is the reason a lot of kids are not allowed to read the series. There’s no God in the books at all, just to let you know. Also, there’s the fact that the books get kind of dark around the 5th book, but nothing most 10 year olds can’t handle. There is also a very small amount of cussing.

star blu

So please, if your kid wants to read the Harry Potter series, keep in mind that if you talk to them about what’s wrong in the books, they should be just fine!

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