REGISTER HERE! For a Free Copy of my Book

I’m looking for 25 Advance Readers who will agree to read my book, Caged Animals, and post an honest review on Amazon. There is no catch and no cost to the reader. Simply provide me with your email and I’ll send you a link to download your free e-book copy of my novel. I won’t use your email for anything else, I promise.


Once you sign up I’ll send you an email with instructions on how to download your free e-book. You take it from there. If you have difficulties obtaining your book, please let me know.


It would be awesome if all of my advanced readers posted their review by Thanksgiving of this year. Even sooner is better. If you need more time, that’s fine too. I’ll be grateful for your review regardless of when its posted.


Why is Scott doing this? Because book reviews are the key to selling books on Amazon. When they see a book receiving reviews from customers they take notice and begin to include that book in their promotions. That’s why its worth it to me to spend the money to get my books into the hands of people who will take the time to read it and post a review.

Are advanced readers required to leave a “good” review? No. I’m hoping each reviewer will leave an honest review, good or bad. Of course, I’ll be happiest about the good ones, but I will also humbly accept the bad ones or the “just okay” ones. It’s helpful to me, as an author, to hear the truth about my books so that I can improve my writing on future projects.

How long do reviews have to be? The length of your review doesn’t matter at all. Your review can consist of two words (“great book”) or four paragraphs. Amazon counts each review the same regardless of how long each one is.

Is the Star rating important? Yes! It’s the most important part of your review. A high star rating can be a huge help in the book’s overall rating. At the same time, a low star rating can devastate the book’s overall rating, making it hard to climb back up to a good score. So, please be careful when selecting the star rating to make sure your selection truly represents how you feel about the book.

Is it okay to allow one of my kids to read the book and let them do the review? Yes, that is fine with me. But, keep in mind that Caged Animals and its sequel Escaped Animals do contain several scenes of violence. Plus, the alien characters called Grunts and some of the animals that inhabit the alien planet are frightening creatures. So, I don’t recommend these books for younger readers. But, I believe readers 12 years old and upward to adults of all ages will find my books very enjoyable.

Is this a Christian book? No, I wouldn’t call it that, although it does contain a Christian subplot that adds depth and character development to the overall plot. Caged Animals and Escaped Animals are first and foremost science fiction novels. The Christian subplot is woven into the story in a very natural way.

Can I get a free paperback instead of an e-book? Unfortunately, no. The cost of sending out paperback books to readers is about 5 times more than the cost of sending out e-books. The biggest reason is that sending out paperbacks adds on the cost of shipping, whereas e-books do not need to be shipped. As much as I would love to offer free paperbacks to my advance readers, I had to decide against them to keep from going too far into debt with this promotion.

Are there other ways readers can help promote Scott’s books? I’m glad you asked. Here are some suggestions. Each one is hugely helpful in getting the word out about my books, and I would be eternally grateful for anything that readers do from this list!

  1. Say something good about my book(s) on your personal social media feeds.
  2. Tell a friend who likes science fiction about my books.
  3. If you belong to Goodreads (an online site for booklovers and authors), post your review there as well.

If you decide to be one of my advance readers, I’ll be extremely greatful. Above all, I hope you have a great time reading Caged Animals. In case you missed the link above, here is another link to the sign-up page to become an Advanced Reader.


SCOTT CAHAN, Author of Caged Animals & Escaped Animals

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