Help Me Name My New Book!

The name of my new novel is currently Caged Animals. But naming a novel is a tricky business. I’ve come up with several other names over the past 2 years that I loved at first and then for one reason or another I fell out of love with them. However, I still like them all at least amy name little which makes it hard to know which one is the best. That’s where you come in. I would enjoy hearing your thoughts on which name(s) you like. Which one grabs you and makes you want to know what the book is about? If you don’t like any of them, feel free to give me your suggestion. Below is a short description of the story and below that are my name choices.

Short Description of CAGED ANIMALS by Scott Cahan
A group of teenagers is kidnapped and taken to another planet to become pets for a race of heartless alien beasts. The teens are treated like animals with no hope of escape. Will the young men and women give up and allow the brutal aliens to kill them one by one? Or, will they band together and find a way to survive against all odds?


Caged Animals
Alien Cages
Pet Planet
Human Pets
Name X (your suggestion)

Leave your choice and/or suggestion in the comments below. Thanks for your help!


4 thoughts on “Help Me Name My New Book!

  1. My first reaction was that “Caged Animals” sounds very dark for you. Having read the description, I see it better. Of all your possibilities, I think it is the best. Or maybe Teen Pets?

    My question is, what makes you think Caged Animals doesn’t work? Are you, also, concerned that it sounds too dark?

    1. I like Caged Animals the most. There definitely is some darkness in this book but there’s also plenty of light. I think Caged Animals has the most intrigue of all the names I’ve thought of. This will be my first real novel and I’m probably over thinking the name. But I am a firm believer in book names and covers needing to be the best they can possibly be because they are the first attack of marketing. Plus I wanted to give my fans a way to get involved in my new book. I’m going to start a newsletter soon and I will ask my subscribers to help with the name. I will most likely stick with Caged Animals unless I get lots of comments supporting a different name.

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