Agents of Shield

agents_of_shieldWatching Agents of Shield has become the go to Father/Daughter event of my household. When I, along with my 12 and 14 year old girls decided to start watching Agents of Shield last summer, I made one rule; we must watch each episode together. My hope was that the experience of watching a particular show together would become a highlight of our week and even create special memories for all 3 of us. I remember back in my childhood sitting next to my Mom many a nights watching Mary Tyler Moore and All In The Family, Taxi, and Cheers, and laughing out loud together. My wife tells me of wonderful memories she has of watching Love Boat and Fantasy Island with her Dad.

We completed the 2nd season of Agents of Shield last night, and I’m pretty sure that my girls will always look back and recall how much fun we’ve had watching this show together. Yes, it’s been a big hit in my home. The show is a good mixture of hi-tech spy thriller and strong characters that you grow to love and hate, depending on the episode.

What’s It About? Shield is a super secret organization of spies that are loosely connected to Marvel’s superhero team called The Avengers. They fly around the globe tracking and fighting anyone or anything that has supernatural abilities and is using them for evil. The agents of Shield, themselves, do not have super powers, at least that’s how they started off in season 1. By the end of season 2, that rule seems to be changing, but no spoilers here. In my opinion there are 2 reasons the Agents of Shield are successful in their missions: a never ending supply of advanced hi-tech gadgetry, and a strong desire to see evil stopped at all costs. The story lines continue from one episode to the next, always withMING-NA WEN, BRETT DALTON, IAIN DE CAESTECKER some sort of cliff hanger ending that makes it almost impossible to switch off the TV. The small team of agents are all flawed, but likable and easy to root for.

Content Issues? If you go by comparisons to other shows, Agents is one of the cleaner shows on today. Even so, there are a few concerns that I want to warn parents about before they turn their kids on to this show. In the first 2 seasons there have been 4 or 5 episodes where characters end up in bed together. They never show nudity or anything other than passionate kissing, but it’s pretty obvious what’s about to happen when the camera fades out. Other than that, it’s worth noting that there’s lots of brutal fighting between good guys and bad guys. There is very little blood, just people pounding each other with their fists, feet, and any metal object that happens to be lying around. These are my only 2 warnings for parents. If my girls were only a few years younger, I would not be allowing them to watch Agents. But, the violence and almost-sex-scenes are all keeping in step with what we’ve seen in other Marvel superhero movies. In short, if your kids are OK with The Avengers, they’ll be OK with Agents of Shield.

Honestly, the hardest thing about watching Agents with my teenage girls, considering that we’re watching it on Netflix, is holding them back from watching the next show. They want to turn it on every night and watch 2 or 3 at a time. I’m still old school in the TV show watching department. I want to spread it out through the week like we used to do in olden days before Netflix. I have other, more important things to do with my time these days. They don’t. They’ve grown up with TV on demand, and its hard for them to slow down that urge to watch more. For my part, I’m so thankful I thought to make the rule about watching together at the outset of the show. The memories that we’ve already made together over this one silly but exciting show are priceless.

One thought on “Agents of Shield

  1. I enjoyed the show a lot for the first three seasons. This fall they moved it to a time that’s too late for me since I have to get up for work. I feel like they’ve reached a good conclusion and I can be happy with that ending. It’s good that you’re watching along with your kids because there are some issues to discuss as far as personal boundaries and whether you can solve every problem with fists/gun.

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